Ukraina adoption

The majority of children are placed in their own state because of the additional paperwork required under the ICPC. There is a list of national providers at the bottom. The adoption process in the Ukraine is unique from that of any other Eastern European country. Unlike other Eastern European countries, which allow sending pictures and medicals of children to families in America, you go to meet the child yourselves upon arrival to Ukraine. Families must first submit their adoption documents (dossier) to Ukraine. Ukraine is a non-Hague country (not a party to Hague Adoption Convention) and adoption process is cheaper and faster. Since July 2014 the United States of America made changes to the laws and under new requirements all adoptive parents should hire Hague-accredited agencies in the USA to start the process of international adoption and home study. Please continue to monitor for updated information on inter-country adoption in Ukraine. Small World, Inc. prohibits its employees and agents from giving money or other consideration, directly or indirectly, to a child’s parent(s), other individual(s), or an entity as payment for the child or as an inducement to release the ... In case of adoption of an 18-year old child, the minimum age difference between the adopted child and the adopting parent must be at least 18 years. If only one of the adoptive parents complies with these age requirements, the adoption can be completed in the eligible parent’s name only. Ukraine Adoption 1404 Waiting Children in Eastern Europe 18 Agencies with Children from Eastern Europe. Contact ALL Agencies Placing Children From Ukraine . Overview . Many adoptive parents have joyfully adopted from this Eastern European country. Ukraine is not a Hague accredited country but is a very stable and methodical program. Ukraine adoption is a wonderful international adoption program for families desiring to adopt children (5 and above) or children with special needs ages 14 months and older. Many sibling groups are also available. The types of special needs include HIV+, cleft palate/cleft lip, club foot, cerebral palsy, vision or hearing impairments; there are ... Families who want to adopt from Ukraine must meet United States and Ukraine adoption requirements. An outline of these requirements is listed below. Age Adoptive parents must be at least 21 years old and 15 years older than the child they wish to adopt. In previous years, parents could not be more than 45 years older than the adopted child, but ... Ukraine is not a party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Hague Adoption Convention or Convention). Under the Intercountry Adoption Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 (UAA), which became effective on July 14, 2014, the requirement that adoption service providers be accredited or approved, and therefore meet the accreditation ... Travel To Ukraine Most adoptions include three trips to Ukraine. Trip 1, is typically 2 to 3 weeks.The family will make travel arrangements once they receive an appointment to the Ministry for Social Policy in Ukraine to review the children who are currently available for adoption.

[Part 1] DC++ user Animefreak's AMA (Ask Me Anything) conducted on 29/11/2019

2019.12.07 05:01 pilani_pirate812 [Part 1] DC++ user Animefreak's AMA (Ask Me Anything) conducted on 29/11/2019

[22:00] Hello everyone, with this, the ama is officially live.
[22:00] Go ahead, shoot all your questions at me, and I'll answer everytthing as best as I can xP
[22:01] hello. if i am to understand, animefreaak is a moniker right? which numbered successor are you?
[22:01] Yes. So I'm the second Animefreak, that is to say, there was one more before me.
[22:02] which genre of anime do you tend to enjoy ?
[22:02] I enjoy slice of life the most.
[22:02] Which is followed by romance and then comedy.
[22:02] notable ones that you enjoyed?
[22:03] Speaking about sol, the first name that comes to mind is the first on eI ever watched. It's Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon.
[22:04] The next are two really underappreciated ones, namely, Hakumei to Mikochi and Tsukumogami Kashimasu.
[22:04] Besides animes, do you enjoy sitcoms?
[22:04] I'd resommend these two two anyone who wants to get a feel of what sol really can be.
[22:05] u/MakeDCGreatAgain, yes I do. I haven't watched many, but I've watched quite a few clippings apart from the ones I finished.
[22:05] +hublist
[22:05] do you read mangas and/or light novels? any that you currently follow?
[22:06] u/Meinkraft, yes, I do read manga. No light novels sadly.
[22:06] Currently, I am only following the SnK manga.
[22:07] Though I'll resume Berserk in a while.
[22:07] Yup its gotten pretty intense and nice right now
[22:07] Branch?
[22:07] have you watched any non japanese shows? like for example, the kings avatar?
[22:07] Yeah. There was a pretty bad plateau in the middle... The quality had taken a nosedive as compared to the 70s chapters... Now it's back on the rise.
[22:08] u/Achilles ENI
[22:08] hostel life
[22:08] u/Meinkraft I have watched a chinese anime (donghua). It's called hora, mimi ga mieteru yo.
[22:09] And I have also watched a couple of American animation like Avatar: the last air bender.
[22:09] u/Michael_Scarnnnn what do you mean by hostel life? Could you expand a bit on it?
[22:09] any anime that every review you saw said it was awesome, but you personally hated?
[22:10] u/chanka, that would have to be SnK. It was the best anime of the year 2013 iirc. I found it to be very slow and boring in the beginning.
[22:10] How hectic/tedious does ENI get in later years? what are intresting side preojects/hobbies one can take up in that field? also how is the placement scenario specific to ENI, seeing its not your typical run- of the mill course you would find in any college.
[22:11] I get that the visuals were good, but the anime could have done much better when it started off. The same applies to the manga.
[22:11] The first 30 chapters (1st season part) was extremely slow and tedious to read.
[22:11] What do you regret doing or not doing in college?
[22:12] u/Meinkraft, It's a good question. So ENI becomes very hectic in the later years. There are a lot of projectes as you would expect from every 3rd year branch, but the no of tut tests we give at the same time is exponentially higher as compared to the other branches.
[22:13] We are literally raped post Oasis and have named those weeks as Hell Weeks.
[22:14] So interesting hobbies can be breaking apart your electronic equipment and trying to decipher the circuit inside and maybe come up with ways to make it better? Tak e up a research project on the same and enjoy.
[22:15] Is your name pratyush manocha?
[22:15] I play a keyboard, and I wanted to buy a sustain pedal. So instead of buying it, I actually thought about it and discussed it with my mech friends from goa campus (during PS-1) and decided to desing and build it ourselves.
[22:15] my future looks pretty bleak then :/
[22:15] The placement scenario is oretty bad. Very few core companies come to the campus. But for IT, you'll have a lot of scope. Pretty good jobs and salaries.
[22:16] u/PB&J if there's something I regret not doing is not having a girlfriend. I do have friends and sisters on campus, but not a girlfriend. Though that's all. There isn't much really.
[22:17] Same^
[22:17] u/SAKSHIkeBOBE I think you know the answer, and I want to leave it as my signing off comment, but yes. I am Pratyush Manocha.
[22:17] What got you into sharing so heavily on dc?
[22:18] ProjectGo dekleta apni filelist me se :p u/animefreak
[22:18] u/meinkraft why do you say so? ENI has a really good future...
[22:18] u/lolmax haha
[22:18] canada main kaafi bakchodi ki. Zaroorat nahin usski ab.
[22:18] Suggestions to improve DC scenario in our campus?
[22:19] Bhaia jaate time bas kuch tricks dete jaana mujhe. I want to be a downloader too
[22:19] What is the scene for mech? what percent of IT companies allow all branches to sit for placements?
[22:19] Bhaiya apni ukaine wali bandi ke baare me batao.
[22:20] u/Achilles, so it's pretty silly actually. I was always interested in downloading. I used to download things in first year and didn't used to share them. Then one day I met my predecessor and he asked me to share things, said he'll appoint me as my successor, and that's when I started sharing.
[22:20] After that it was all an act of caring. I like providin people with what they DeZire xP
[22:20] No sexual inuendos intended
[22:21] So, this will be the last time you will be active on DC?
[22:21] +hublist
[22:22] u/baka_palty Improving DC will require conceited effort from all the students on campus. We can orientations to teach juniors how to use dc (a reason for the decline in usage is juniors not having been taught how to use it). We can have events on dc. There was one round of some CSA's event that was conducted here.
[22:22] Any such action can help in restoring dc.
[22:22] Then again, we need to encourage the usage of dc by asking our juniors to use it and emphasize how valuable it is.
[22:23] instead of 3 hubs there should be just 1 hub which is online always
[22:23] True,more than half of the people in the new batches don't know about dc
[22:23] u/SAKSHIkeBOBE To become a downloader, you basically need to suck an ops dick, but you are in luck as we are recruiting people. PM any of lolmax, me, VanHelsing, Nullifier for the same.
[22:24] this sem dc was very unstable
[22:24] i get better speeds on torrent than dc
[22:25] u/PB&J I really don't know about the placement scenario in Mech. I've heard really bad things about it with dream company tier companies coming and giving a CTC of 5 lakhs. That was core though. The IT is a bit better. From Day 2 onwards, a lot of companies would be opened to you for applicaion.
[22:25] Yes, the hubs seem to be pretty unstable, and are frequently marred by slow speeds. Any specific reason as to why this is happening?
[22:25] Can I send a friend to suck the dicks on my behalf?
[22:26] u/Godse, Ukraine waali bandi ke saath andha ghooma tha. Flirt kiya tha. Bohut baat ki hai uss se. Pyaari bandi hai. She was also a MITACS intern like me. Wahin mile the. Uss ke baare main bataane lag gaya aur to din nikal jaayenge kaafi.
[22:26] u/Meinkraft, yes. I am leaving on 13th December and this is probably the last few weeks I'll use dc. I have appointed a successor that will take over my legacy. He's AnimefreakJr as of now (pretty obvious) xP
[22:27] Right now there are 350 odd people active on dc rn, in the initial days of semester,there were not even 200, with a almost 5k people on campus,atleast 800-900 should be active ig
[22:28] u/No_One, the one hub thing doesn't work very well. We tried it a couple of years back. It's better to have multiple hubs active, there are more backup hubs and you'll get better speeds.
[22:28] There was a bit of an issue with the lans not working in my hostel and also with the wifi disconnecting. So this hub used to be down for a bit.
[22:28] u/Animefreak Atlest try to keep the hub ip same
[22:29] In contrast my hub is active whenever I am in my room, but that has also become a bit difficult for me nowadays.
[22:29] u/AnimeFreak What is the one thing that everyone should do in their 4/5 years on campus?
[22:29] u/EVPcantPlay lol. Gaand maari jaayegi dono ki. Bhejo. maza aayega xP
[22:30] u/Meinkraft the hubs become unstable due to the lan connection and the wifi connection being a bit problematic in RP.
[22:30] Any reason why the library BITS STUDENT wifi is giving amazing speeds but when i connect from my hostel it sucks? I've uploaded 50 GB from the library in a few hours today
[22:31] Under whom should i never take a project in EEE dept.
[22:31] u/No_one the hub ip also changes if you switch from lan to wifi. And even when connected on wifi, it won't be guaranteed that your ip stays the same. That's the reason DeZire (hosted on wifi) is down most of the time. Th eip keeps on changing and updateing it is a hassle. So we shut down the hub for the timebeing.
[22:32] u/baka_palty The one thing that everyone should do in their 4/5 years on campus is get drunk/high with their wing on oasis, go out, go to a prof show, hit on some girls. It's an enjoyable experience with your restrictions down.
[22:32] Done xD
[22:33] u/Animefreak It then seems that in a few years when there will be no lan DC will face serious issues
[22:33] Luckily my friend is also very much into getting his ass spanked. Gay dost hone ka aaj fayda ho hi gaya YESSSSS!!
[22:33] u/PB&J The reason is because of the number of users connected. Usually library has lesser users on wifi as compared to the hostel. So the traffic eats up the bandwidth. And also because in library you get 5GHz band easily, which is not so accessible from your room.
[22:34] u/Animefreak DO you thin bits is phasing out lan in a discreet attempt to kill DC off?
[22:34] u/Godse, the project thing depends on what you want to do and what kind of grading you want. PM for more details.
[22:35] u/No_one, yeah. DC is going to suffer a lot with the LAN gone. Luckily we still have LAN in RP, AK, BG. RP and Ak will never be renovated so there's a chance that the lan will not be removed, but knowing bits, they won't leave any chance to fuck with us students.
[22:36] RP & AK will never be renovated? Is this confirmed
[22:37] u/Meinkraft, yes, it might very well be an attempt to kill DC off. They have always tried to shut things down, take control, but we always refused to comply. We always had things running from the shadows, with minimal amount of administration control and we inted to keep it so. If worse comes to worst, we'll have to adapt to hosting hubs over wifi.
[22:37] 2no_one yeah, i read about it in the english press paper auite some time ago
[22:37] u/No_One, yes. It was there in some news article that came out this sem.
[22:39] Are you planning for masters or opting for placements?
[22:40] u/Meinkraft I am going for a PhD. I sat for placements to fuck around with companies xP
[22:40] Why would BITS want to kill off DC?
[22:40] Thats great; is it a college abroad or here in india?
[22:41] u/RVPcantPlay BITS would want to kill of DC because of the potential risk of the pirated content available with the community.
[22:42] There was an incident wherein some company had found out that some institute had cracked software with them on dc and there was a lawsuit filed against them. The insti ended up paying very heavily for that. happened 2 years ago or so.
[22:42] "Potential" XD
[22:42] late to join the party. :D
[22:42] u/Meinkraft of course abroad. i am targeting US institutes for my PhD.
[22:42] How is the institute responsible for the pirated sw?
[22:42] u/Descartes, welcome! Better late than never!!
[22:43] u/Meinkraft of course! I can't badmouth my own trade now, can I?
[22:43] xP
[22:43] Good to hear that you are going to pursue a PhD
[22:44] Which institute do you plan to pursue your PhD in?
[22:45] u/Descartes, so if the institute's students have the cracked software, the company says it's the institute's responsibility to distribute licenses to the students to use that software by buying it. It eventually boils down to earn more money and what better way than blaming the insti for it? So to avoid paying a hefty sum, the insti wants all pirated stuff removed.
[22:45] [22:43:24] [] Good to hear that you are going to pursue a PhD
u/Descartes, thanks!
[22:45] Since, you sat for placements. What was the best offer you got?
[22:46] [22:44:08] [] Which institute do you plan to pursue your PhD in?
u/Meinkraft Purdue, Princeton, Stanford, UToronto. These are my dream universities. Apart from these, I am trying for Gatech, UMich, UCB, UBC, UCSD, USC.
[22:46] and Cornell.
[22:46] Mind me asking your GRE score?
[22:47] Yes please, what was your gre score?
[22:47] lol. Americans have been trying to shut down piracy since internet became a thing. Good luck to the institute to stop piracy.
[22:47] u/Achilles, so I returned late and missed out on all the core companies. i sat for one and got rejected post a good interview because there was one course that they wanted which I didn't have on my profile which the other student had.
[22:48] So after that the rest of the companies were IT, and I fucked around a lot with them.
[22:48] DC actually saves a lot of bandwidth of insti by internal sharing rather each one individually downloading the same content over and over agian.
[22:48] u/Meinkraft, my gre score is 327. 158 verbal, 169 quant, 4 awa.
[22:49] Isnt GRE english preperation grueling as hell?
[22:49] Woahh!! Your dream universities seem within reach then.
[22:49] u/Descartes that's true. But again, It's still pirated and technically against the rules. If there ever is a cyber crime investigation, this can land everyone into a lot of trouble
[22:50] u/animefreak when exactly are mitacs results out?
[22:50] mine still says waiting list and seems like I'll have to wait until feb
[22:50] Any advice for someone with no coding background, average CG and a core branch(non Electrical) XD?
[22:50] u/Meinkraft, yeah it is. Technically you can score 325-330 with just 2 weeks of preparation, If you work for a month dedicatedly, you can go to 330+. Any more and you'll end up getting frustrated and will lower your score.
[22:50] u/RVP thanks!
[22:51] Yeah, my brother is in GAtech; he started this summer.
[22:51] u/bladerunner MITACS results come out in Jan for the first wave and in feb for the second wave.
[22:51] is it that students are sorted by country for waves
[22:51] So to be sure, you need to wait till feb, but start mailing profs abroad for internship opportunites. Doesn't hurt to have a backup.
[22:52] because from what i have heard, none of the students have got CUC
[22:52] u/PB&J If you want to get placed, regardless of your cg, start coding.
[22:52] XD
[22:52] What are your top 5 animes of all time?
[22:52] There's a brilliant document somewhere in my filelist that solves your exact query.
[22:52] Pm me later for details.
[22:52] u/Meinkraft, that's good. Gatech is a really good uni!
[22:53] Without naming, describe the biggest asshole you met on campus?
[22:54] u/bladerunner, yes and no. Students are sorted by waves and then selected by their aptitude and other stuff. I believe the feedback for Mexicans and Indians was bad so most of the Indians and Mexicans are in the waiting list.
[22:54] u/RVPcantPlay My top 5 anime is a tough question and a good question.
[22:55] Thank you.
[22:55] So the first is Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, followed by Clannad + AS, Akagami no shirayuki-hime, Gintama and Fate/Zero on fourth and Re:Zero on fifth.
[22:56] I read above you went to Canada via MITACS? when was it?
[22:56] If you take into consideration the nostalgic scenes, you can get DBZ or Inazuma eleven as fifth, tied with RE:zero.
[22:56] Tell us about your stay there?
[22:56] does having a circuit branch help during PS and placements?
[22:57] u/Achilles, so this guy plays Pokemon Go and has a realy big problems with spoofers. I know him since my first year. He's a bastard, to tell you the truth. Very arrogant, and condescending in attitude.
[22:58] u/Descartes that was this summer. May-July 2019. I came back in Aug.
[22:58] which uni?
[22:58] So my stay in Canada was very pleasant and enjoyable.
[22:58] I was working in Simon Fraser University-Burnaby.
[22:59] My lab wasn't good and my mentor was very confused regarding a lot of things. And the research award was very generous.
[22:59] I did my work as much as I could with his (my mentor) restrictions, and I spent the rest of the time roaming around.
[22:59] Most famous guy you know of in junior batches?
[22:59] What realistically must be one's CG to get a shot at foreign scolarships?
[22:59] u/chutpakoda Bhai bahut fark padta hai placements me
[23:00] internet quota over :P can't search. which part/state of Canada is that?
[23:00] Luckily, I had my friend with me. He's on campus this sem, placed in EEE branch. Brilliant guy. We toured the place a lot.
[23:00] That Ukrainian lady which part of Ukraine was she from? Thoughts on Putin :P
[23:01] I tried on a lot of girls, had some success with the Ukrainian one, again roaming with her, spending time together.
[23:01] her*
[23:01] She is from Kharkov.
[23:01] Does CG really matter for foreign scholarships though, provided selection through you GRE score is now more prevalent?
[23:01] Putin is fine, I guess, as long as he supports India in case some war was to break out xP
[23:01] I meant her opinion?
[23:02] u/chutpakoda, yes. Circuit branches help in ps and placements as you have a lot more opportunities as compared to others.
[23:02] After Crimea seccession from Ukraine. Generally some parts have become more "Ukrainian"
[23:02] Most famous guy you know of in junior batches?
[23:03] u/SAKSHIkeBOBE Utkarsh Sharma. Somehow, all 4 years on campus know him, and not a single guy says good things about him, it's all negative. XD
[23:03] lelouch lol
[23:03] u/Animefreak Don't you think there should be another hum for people with more than 200-300 GB share like like semester
[23:03] u/Descartes, she has mixed opinions on Putin. There are some problems she discussed, but she has most of her family in Russian, so she's neutral overall.
[23:04] And that's true. the Ukrainian culture is on the rise.
[23:04] Earlier it was heavily dominated by the Russia counterpart.
[23:04] but ukraina means on the border. so it will remain a borderland.
[23:05] u/No_one, there should be, but it defeats the purpose as we don't have so many users. That would just segregate a few and keep them aside.
[23:05] That along with the problems we faced with hosting this sem made us decide against it.
[23:05] why the heck is DC on the decline?
[23:05] u/Descartes, I can say the same for pak. Do we go and dominate Pak? Do they come and dominate India? No.
[23:06] Ukraine is between Russia and Belarussia.
[23:06] It's not like people aren't watching Tv series anymore?
[23:06] It's heavily influenced by both of those countries and this is very evident in even their language which is very similar.
[23:06] many wrong doings from both sides. Nah but you openly invite NATO countries to dictate their policies on the borders of RUssia then they do meddle.
[23:07] Belarus is north of Ukraine.
[23:07] u/bladerunner DC is on the decline beacuse the juniors stooped using it. They say they weren't taught how to use it and so they don't. Even the current 2nd yearites never told their juniors about dc during interactions. that's the 18 batch's fault. Apart from these two reasons, a lot of people have moved to streaming online. Even some of my wingies do that.
[23:08] So DC has lost it's primary use.
[23:08] Then comes the point where people have stopped searching for academic material on DC.
[23:08] Uhh Pinkman hosted a DC session this year but the juniors lazed after a few weeks
[23:09] Now peopls search only for porn, with increasing number of people preferring to use vpn on wifi to watch it. especially with not a lot of new content.
[23:09] So it's an entirely downhill ride.
[23:10] u/descartes, now that is becoming a political decision and I am not so politically inclined, My interest starts and ends at Kharkov itself. xP
[23:11] I agree, uploaders please upload newer porn frequently.
[23:11] u/SAKSHIkeBOBE that Pinkman thing wasn't publicised enough and the lite attitude in bitsians is a really big problem.
[23:11] understood. its just that during 2014 I was a witness of daily shitstorm between UKR-RUS on an international forum :P
[23:12] I have a share of 500 GB still i use dc very rarely to download stuff. its main reason is that dc gives me shilly speeds of less than 1MBps whereas torrent gives 4-5 MBps
[23:12] u/RVP we are looking for porn uploaders, so if you want to do that, pm any of the ops.
[23:12] So I have read arguments from both side. I was just gauging how much of the wake of that event still remains on common people from that part.
[23:12] u/No_one, which hostel are you in?
[23:12] Shankar
[23:12] u/Descartes Oh.
[23:13] Even uploading speed sucks. Right now the upload speed is just 200-300 KBps
[23:13] I recall her not having good opinion of her leaders, so I guess the feelings are still persisting.
[23:13] Your branch is Mech right?
[23:13] No. ENI.
[23:14] u/No_One that's because of the wifi. Try switching to the 5GHz band of the router. You'll experience really fast speeds.
[23:14] did u ever win the anime quiz?
[23:14] Very less traffic on that band.
[23:15] More things the change more they remain the same. :P I remember 2014, how everyone was touting the present leader would change India .
[23:15] How do i switch to the 5ghz band?
[23:15] I've actually disabled the 2.4GHz band so that my laptop only connects to 5GHz. I get really good internet speeds but DC sucks
[23:15] u/stormshadow, I took part in the anime quiz in Oasis 2018. I was the runner up, losing to the Animefreak of that time. Later I formed the Anime Club (The Eastern Outlook) and then switched to the organising part.
[23:16] Is there a guide available detailing what all things can be done on DC especially info about lesser known features of DC?
[23:16] nice
[23:16] who was the animefreak of that time?
[23:16] rahul banerji
[23:17] u/Descartes, that's true. Well, Modi has definitely changed India in some ways.
[23:17] ;)
[23:17] I can shout out to the whole world that I am proud to have him as my PM.
[23:17] I would love to be the default porn uploader on DC. Might even call myself Pornfreak. But I just won't be able to suck the ops' dicks for this privilege. Please allow me to send a substitute. :(
[23:17] So, yeah. He did change a lot of things.
[23:17] u/RVP tu mere room aa. Baat karte.
[23:18] u/No_one, check who you are downloading from. If he'a also on wifi, can't help it unless he also comes to the 5GHz conncetion.
[23:19] u/Meinkraft, it's in your settings. I am a mac user and don't know much about windows. PM any other op to know more.
[23:19] u/DonQuixote So there's a basic guide to get you going, uss ke baad +help and discussions with ops tell you what all you can do.
[23:20] planning to visit Japan 2020?.
[23:20] There is no guide for everything. Some things are learnt by asking your seniors.
[23:20] Who was that famous porn uploader who graduated a few years back?
[23:20] Are there any other famous nicks that have been adopted by more than one person?
[23:20] That's how we learnt about Dc in our first year.
[23:21] I read they are removing loli & other shady mangas from shops as it will create a bad impression on visitors.
[23:21] Well I was told by my seniors that DC is just a source for porn better not use it
[23:21] u/Descartes, I actually was planning to visit this sem, with my predecessor and another senior. But both of them had been to Korea earlier for some official purpose and I had been to Canada. So we dropped the idea.
[23:21] u/No_One Recovery.
[23:21] hey, can you talk abt the improtance of GPA in getting scholarships, because what I've heard is that they just consider your GRE Score now
[23:22] u/RVPcantPlay but u dont have a single file of porn in ur share
[23:22] There's a long list. Starting from Tharki_Bhediya and ending at Recovery
[23:22] and u r saying u r a pornfreak
[23:22] Oh. I dream of visiting Pyongyang. Its a living experiment.
[23:22] Do you think going for PS/TS in the first sem would have been more beneficial in your MS applications? You could have shown some more research; most likely a publication and strong LOR...
[23:22] u/DonQuixote, none. My nick is the only one that has a legacy.
[23:22] u/Animefreak I sill have some 250 GB of their content
[23:23] u/Descartes, a lot of things go in in the Japanese society. Weird things that are unimaginable. Pretty fucked up situation tbh.
[23:23] And no. I beileve those things actually garner visitors.
[23:23] but they are working very hard to impress visitors for 2020 olympics.
[23:23] Who wouldn't want to go to a Japanese store and buy a loli manga?
[23:24] they have been preparing since last two years I guess.
[23:24] But for the olympics, since it isn't the anime community, yes they are removing those.
[23:24] u/ROAST_ME I am aspiring to be the future Pornfreak. The plan was to buy two 1.5TB hard disks solely for this purpose.
[23:24] what was the otaku place called? some *bara
[23:24] u/Konberg, I can talk about the importance of gpa. It's a brilliant question.
[23:25] u can download latest porn from me
[23:25] But I'll have others wait till I finsh discussing that.
[23:25] you're proud of modi? O_O
[23:25] ja
[23:25] Alright
[23:25] Usually I just watch and delete. Please focus any future questions towards Animefreak, its his AMA not mine.
[23:25] So maybe ask me in a while?
[23:25] Can anyone tell me how to become a downloader?
[23:26] Can someone get Frozen 2?
[23:26] 12:00 works?
[23:26] u/RVP it depends. I stayed back on campus knowing that a thesis would have been better. It's a trade-off, one that I am proud of.
[23:27] where are the dedicated gamers of dc???
[23:27] So I am going for a thesis next sem. But I still include those things in my sop.
[23:27] So works out
[23:27] grid, Star wars fallen jedi, greedfall still nowhere here
[23:27] u/Descartes Akihabara
[23:28] u/Hellwalker, hell yes I am.
[23:28] Best PM yet.
[23:28] ik for a fact someone has fallen order; if i get hands on it i'll share it
[23:28] Worked his ass off for the betterment of the country.
[23:28] I have fallen order. What do you mean nobody has fallen orde
[23:28] That guy only sleeps 3-4 hours a day, and that too in the flight.
[23:28] 5.5TB [email protected] Animefreak
[23:29] 5.05*
[23:29] I also support MODI except on the economic front
[23:29] Hard working, dedicated, he's a role model for many,'
[23:29] wow grading a person's work based on the no.of hours he sleeps, great u/Animefreak
[23:29] u/paranoidfreak i cant find in your list
[23:29] He should get a better finance minister
[23:29] u/DonQuixote, to become a downloader, pm any op.
[23:29] lol yea u/No_One
[23:30] How diificult is it to do a masters from your dream uni after 2-3 years of job experience? In what ways is it different from directly doing masters after grad?
[23:30] preferably not a dicksucker
[23:30] u/Kiki, I have multiple hard disks. They are always connected. have a total of 7TB storage in external hard disks.
[23:31] u/ROAST_ME his policies have done India good/will do gppd later on. It's all in the form of deals with foreign nations. Bringing in foreign capital
[23:31] The problem I have with him is the extravagant spending on statues.
[23:31] We don't need those simulacrums to boost tourism. Our history is rich enough already.
[23:31] Better use that money for something else.
[23:31] u r worried about that? shit
[23:31] u/Animefreak what anime are you watching currently? any favourites?
[23:32] and his expensive suits too
[23:32] +hublist
[23:32] he can ditch those
[23:32] u/DonQuixote, It's easier to get a MS/PhD post 2-3 years of work ex if the work is releavnt to the field of your academic pursuit.
[23:33] Otheriwse it's just a wastage of time.
[23:33] u/ROAST_ME he gets a salary of 1.5 lakhs with many other facilities. getting expensive suits is no big issue for him
[23:33] and in that case, it's vetter to go directly after grad.
[23:34] what concrete reasons do you have for supporting modi?
[23:34] can we go back to how important CG is for masters?
[23:35] Other than that, by working in the field, you gain exposure as well as you get to know whether you really want to go for higher studies or not. You might lose your interest after working for a bit. Maybe it's not your true calling. You get a lot of time to contemplate about these things.
[23:35] what are the chances of getting qm1 opel in 22?
[23:35] Going for masters immediately after grad needs 8.5+ CG , lots of relevant projects, LORs, internship experience etc. which is very difficult to do if you discover what you truly like after 2-1
[23:35] u/Animefreak is it possible to get OOP in EEE 2-2
[23:35] yes
[23:36] u/Astrobolt, not watching any anime this sem. Busy with a lot of stuff. I started 30gatsu no lion recently. Not getting time to watch even one ep a day.
[23:36] As for favourites, this season, it's shokugeki no souma s4, I don't need to watch it to tell me it's there.
[23:36] AAah. March comes in like a lion. I remember reading about it somewhere
[23:36] You also have Kono oto tomare S2.
[23:37] Understood, the discussion was getting a bit heavily political for me, thanks for answering
[23:37] u/No_One OOP is a del for you. only problem could be a clash in TT
[23:37] Brilliant if you want to see highschool drama with music.
[23:37] Its in the genre "Slice of Life". Tell why its called so. Just because it doesn't have over the top histrionics.
[23:37] u/Descartes, march comes in like a lion is a brilliant anime. Liking it already. It's a sol, so it's already there in my liked anime list.
[23:38] can someone suggest a tear jerker movie?
[23:38] or anime
[23:38] i don't know if its a tear jerkers. but you can watch shoplifetrs
[23:38] a recent movie from Japan
[23:38] After how much do you think a person can figure out if he's cut out for his/her branch? And if it's not the calling, how should they go about figuring it out?
[23:38] the room: youll be crying by the time it ends
[23:39] u/Hellwalker, I believe he's the pm india needs and not deserves. No comments about anything else. Not an avid reader of political texts or news, but his policy of not-remaining silent against cease fire violations by pak is something to be emulated.
[23:39] u/Doofenshmirtz pretty easy. I have a physics minor and I did qm1 in 2-2
[23:39] u/aararagi are you a movie/anime buff?
[23:40] u/Don yup
[23:40] Animefreak: thanks
[23:40] u/Donquixote, I found out what I wanted to do after 2-1. Yet I am going for a PhD now. So that reasoning of yours is incorrect.
[23:40] u/No_one, it's tough, but not impossible to get oop in 2-2.
[23:41] u/aararagi Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Baghban always hit the spot for me as tear jerkers. Use ROAST_ME's file list if you want some jerkers.
[23:41] u/Descartes, I'll need to finish it to make a comment on why it's sol. But sol is never because of histrionica. That's plain drama.
[23:41] SOL constitutes something that is entirely different.
[23:42] It's the laid back story with a lot o femphasis on characters and their preferences and decision makings.
[23:42] @ I did not hit her , I DID NOTTTTT
[23:42] It's an entirely character driven plot.
[23:42] that is what sol really is.
[23:42] u/aararagi go watch grave of the fireflies or in this corner of the world for tearjerker movies
[23:43] For anime watch anohana, angel beats, clannad.
[23:43] shigatsu wa kimi no uso
[23:43] More recommendations when you finish these.
[23:43] u/Animefreak thanks but i have watched all of these :(
[23:43] How much are you enjoying this AMA?
[23:43] Surely you must have had a decent CG by 2-1. If your CG is 7 and you dont have that money to spend how can one stilll go for masters after grad?
Part 2 DC++ User Animefreak's AMA (Ask Me Anything)
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